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MYX has been formed by the Youth Specialists on the Christian Muslim Forum. We want to help people across England run events that bring together Christian and Muslim young people. We are committed to helping young people meet, build friendships and learn to live out and speak about their faith amongst people of another faith. We want to help them explore both the similarities and differences between our faiths and learn how to express those differences peacefully.

MYX has been produced by Christians and Muslims who are all passionate about their own faith but willing to listen to and learn from the faith of others. We do this dialogue stuff not just because it’s a nice idea or the latest political trend but because we are convinced that this is what our faiths call us to: to build peaceful societies and to witness faithfully to that which we believe.

MYX has come about through a creative partnership between the Christian Muslim Forum and Scripture Union’s Youth Encounter project and has been made possible by funding from the Department for Communities.

Andrew Smith
Dr Andrew Smith has been working for Scripture Union since 1994 as a schools worker (Scripture Union is an evangelical Christian charity which works with children, young people and families across England and Wales). He has recently become the Director of Youth Encounter, still based with Scripture Union.

Over the past 6 years he has set up a project called "Faith and Young People" which brings together Christian and Muslim teenagers to build friendships and explore issues that affect their lives. Similarities and differences in the way the two faiths respond to the issues are highlighted. Youth Encounter is a development of the Faith and Young People program, working not only in Birmingham but across the country.



Raheema Caratella
Raheema Caratella has been involved in youth and community work from the age of 16. During the last 10 years, she has worked for various voluntary and statutory organisations and has been involved in local, national and international initiatives.
Raheema is committed to enabling, supporting and empowering young people. She is motivated and passionate about making a difference to young people's lives. Raheema works at the St.Philip’s Centre in Leicester as the youth engagement worker. In January 2010 Raheema and her colleagues launched the Leicester Interfaith Youth HUB which has since gone from strength to strength. HUB members have been involved in various community initiatives and actions events a few include; a multi faith fundraising dinner for MALARIA no more, an ECO Faith initiative to raise awareness about World Environment Day and a STAND up against poverty campaign.

More About Us:

The Christian Muslim Forum is built on friendship between a group of Christians and Muslims, showing how faith is a catalyst for good relationships and welcomes the ‘other’. This friendship began with a small group of Muslims and Christians working on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Initiative in Christian-Muslim Relations. This grew from Archbishop Carey’s comments in 1997, “For the sake of the health of this country, we need to find ways in which members of our two communities can meet regularly together in a more structured way than has been possible up to now.” His remarks were received warmly and positively by leaders of the Muslim community, leading to the Initiative’s Listening Exercise between 2002 and 2004. Read More

Scripture Union is a non-denominational, Christ-centred international movement, founded in 1867, working in partnership with individuals and churches across the world.
Our aim is to use the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God. Read More


Youth Encounter is a Scripture Union project which exists to help Christian young people in Britain live out their faith amongst Muslims. Read More



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