What is your motivation for bringing young people of faith together? Why do you believe it’s important?

When people of different beliefs get together it should be an environment that is welcoming, fun, inclusive and relaxing. It should be a safe place where people are able to discuss the similarities and differences between their faiths in an atmosphere of honesty and friendship. It’s really important that young people learn to speak positively about their faith without being critical of another’s.  We’ve developed the ‘Guidelines for Dialogue’ [link to download] to help create a safe space. MYX groups are good spaces where young people can learn how to speak about their faith as they should be safe spaces where respect is given. It is therefore important that young people learn to express difference peacefully.

Your MYX group should be young people centred and be committed to doing good youth work. That means accepting the young people as they are and allowing them to be teenagers. It also means accepting that the faith of young people and their understanding might be different to your own.

If you are new to youth work why not check out the help and advice available at some of these places:

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