Setting aims and objectives

It’s important you are clear about the aims and objectives of an event you are running, to ensure consistency in advertising and delivering the content. These should be set in-line with the ethos and guidelines for dialogue. Setting aims and objectives will help you to evaluate your work and plan subsequent events. It will also help you to communicate what you are doing with people clearly. Try and set these with someone else, if possible.

The aims and objectives you set will very much depend on your local situation and the people you are working with. Obviously one of your primary aims is to improve relationships between Christian and Muslim young people. What else do you want to achieve? It could be to enable them to make a difference to their local area, or to run an event together or to explore a particular issue (see the MYX outlines [link to outlines] for some ideas of these). Think big but also make sure that whatever you set out to achieve is realistic, otherwise you will easily become discouraged when it not achieved!

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