Youth of Leicester came together for 1.4 Billion Reasons at St Philips Church.

6th September 2010

Youth of Leicester came together for 1.4 Billion Reasons at St Philips Church.
On the 7th of September the 50 young adults came to watch “1.4 Billion Reasons”, a presentation by the Global Poverty Project to raise awareness about poverty in the world and inform people about what they can do to make an impact on the alleviation of poverty.
People of all faiths came together to learn what they can do as a community to help raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals. There were also suggestions and inspirational talks given to provide practical support.
This event helped the members of the Leicester Interfaith Youth HUB to motivate each individual to partake to the best of their abilities to ensure the Stand Up event is a success.  The evening ended with a traditional Muslim practice of ending a days fasting ‘Iftari’, with an interfaith twist. The member’s of the hub each brought an item of food they had prepared.

Raheema Caratella – Youth engagement worker at the St. Philip’s Centre says, 
“This presentation really highlighted the extent to which poverty is an issue globally and how young people of different faiths in Leicester can come together to STAND against POVERTY and make a contribution. The event is in anticipation of the UN review summit of the Millennium Development goals set for 2015 taking place later this month.”
Kartar Singh – President of the Leicester Interfaith Youth HUB said “I am inspired by so many young people who are putting their faith into action and wanting to make a change in their community. There is an incredible buzz in the group and we are looking forward to getting more people involved and making a real difference”.

Nils Jernqvist- I think its amazing how young people from different faiths are able to come together, It was an eye opening experience.
Awlin Singh – It was amazing to see how the youngsters are able to interact and show interests in each others faiths and activities within the HUB. For us to be invited here was a fantastic opportunities to see how this city has tackled diversity in positive way. We hope to engage the youth of Goteberg in a similar way we saw the youth of Leicester.

Contact: Raheema Caratella at the St. Philip’s Centre on 0116 2733459 for further information on future events.

Notes to editors:

The Leicester Interfaith Youth HUB- An initiative of the St. Philip’s Centre launched in January 2010 gives young people of different faiths a platform to come together and get involved in social action projects, fundraisers and give back to their community. The HUB’s motto is ‘think global… act local’ so at the same time as fighting global poverty and diseases such as Malaria we take local action in our communities by volunteering.

St Philip’s Centre is a charity set up in 2006 and is rooted in the multi-faith environment of Leicester, the UK’s most ethnically diverse city. We have a superb track record of promoting positive community relations through our dialogue groups, leadership programmes for young people, charitable activities and organisation of community events such as the UK’s first ever Imams Vs Clergy football and cricket matches. St Philip’s Centre also specialises in providing religion and belief training to organisations such as Leicestershire Constabulary and Leicestershire County Council. In 2008 the Centre received a commendation from the Institute of Community Cohesion in recognition of its work in building bridges across cultures.

The Global Poverty Project is a community education group that aims to increase awareness and action in regards to extreme poverty through a series of presentations to be delivered around the world beginning in 2009. Supporting the eight Millennium Development Goals set out in 2000, the project aims to raise awareness of extreme poverty and facilitate global action. The Global Poverty Project is a joint initiative created in 2008 by young Australian development advocates Hugh Evans and Simon Moss.

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