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Session Outline: I’m a celebrity: what am I doing here?!

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Registration & refreshments
20-30 mins
Celebrity spotting – give each girl a picture of a celebrity from a glossy magazine – they have five minutes to find the girl with the ‘matching’ picture (i.e. the other half of the couple/double act/band etc)
5-10 mins
I’m a celebrity… – in their pairs, get the girls to give their predictions about what each of the celebrities are famous for – they have a few seconds for each celebrity – if they don’t know, marks can be awarded for creative answers!
20 mins
Discussion – ‘What makes a celebrity?’ Get the girls in their pairs to link up with another pair. In these groups, get them to discuss the question ‘What makes a celebrity?’ It might be helpful to have some points for the girls to reflect on, either on a printed sheet or on a projector screen. Suggested discussion points: • What kind of people are ‘celebrated’ in the media? • Think about some of the celebrities you’ve just matched up – how did you first become aware of them? Did you know who they all were? • What attributes/characteristics do these people have?
30 mins: 15-20 mins discussion, 10-15 mins feedback
Break – it might be a good idea to have an area set up with comfy seats/bean bags and a selection of magazines for the girls to browse through – are there magazines written for Christian and Muslim audiences? These would be good to include to give the girls an opportunity to look at alternatives to glossy mags.
20-30 mins
Video/Powerpoint – have the girls watch a video or powerpoint presentation that draws together media clips, news headlines and pictures of celebrities and the things they’ve done that have made them famous or notorious. Keep this balanced so that it shows achievements as well as mistakes.
10-15 mins
Create your own celebrity – we’ve thought a lot about the things that people have done that have made them famous. If you could decide what gets reported in the media what kind of people would you want to see recognised? Muslims and Christians would often rather shy away from public attention, but who do you look up to in your faith, whether public or private figures? What characteristics make them stand out – how do they live out their faith? What are the kind of characteristics that you try to demonstrate as a Muslim or Christian? Use these ideas to help you ‘imagine’ a different kind of celebrity. Incorporate a practical element such as creating a magazine feature, news article or short video interview on their made-up celebrity.
45 mins: 10-15 mins discussion 30-35 mins creating
Lunch break – you could get individuals to bring something to share (bearing in mind dietary needs) or lay on a buffet lunch where the girls can choose what they want.
1 hour
Presentations – get the groups to introduce the celebrities they’ve created, showcasing their media presentations and talking a bit about what they decided were important characteristics and why.
30-40 mins
Public opinion – if time allows, give the girls the opportunity to link up with another group and go out into the town/nearby street with copies of some glossy magazines or news articles and ask passers-by what they think about what’s reported and whether they pay attention to these kinds of reports. Get them to organise the responses to give an overview of people’s perspectives.
1 hour 30: 20-25 mins preparation 45 mins on the streets 20-25 mins compiling info.
10-15 mins
Anchor-woman – in their groups, get the girls to create a magazine-style news report on celebrities – part of this could be an interview with another member of their group giving their opinion on the obsession with celebrity-culture.
1 hour: 30-35 mins preparation 25-30 mins presenting
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