Session Outline: The Future’s Bright

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Registration & refreshments
You won’t know where you’re going…: Get the group to gather in the middle of the room. This activity could be planned as a true or false exercise or as a game of making predictions – or maybe a bit of both! Read out a series of ‘future’ predictions that were made in the past. Get the group to decide whether they were true or false. Alternatively, read out a description of an idea or invention that someone had in the past to see if the group can figure out which worked out and which ended up consigned to the scrapheap!
20 mins
…until you see where you’ve been: Take a little time for the group to feed back about what surprised them about what people years ago expected the future to hold for them. What did they see as a far-off dream that we now take for granted?
10 mins
How long: On a table set out a series of items. Get the young people to pair up and make estimates on how old the items are/how long they’ve been around for (not necessarily the age of that item, but how long that product has been in existence). Include things like a mobile phone, Hi-Fi, toys (e.g. a Gameboy), MP3 player, CDs, laptop, books…
20-30 mins
15 mins
Change of a lifetime: Get the pairs to form groups of six. Think back over what has changed in your lifetime (the leaders might be able to shed a bit of light on the rate of change… the young people might remember CDs – but what about cassettes?!) When you look at how much has changed in a matter of years, what does it mean to you? Do things change too quickly? Are there things that don’t change quickly enough? How do we respond to events that change things ‘overnight’? Show a series of clips of ‘world-changing’ events e.g. the use of the atomic bomb in WWII, the first moon landing, 9/11, the fall of the Berlin wall, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.
45 mins 10-15 mins video 30-35 mins discussion
Change will do you good: We’ve thought a lot about how quickly things change but how does our faith affect how we cope with change? How does it allow for change? People often equate religion with being stuck in the past but how can a dynamic faith help us cope with a world that’s ever-changing? Allow time for the groups to discuss in these questions.
30 mins discussion
Lunch break
1 hour
Where are we?: We’ve thought a lot about the past to help us see how change happens and how we adapt to events that change the world; now lets take a look at life as we know it now and start to imagine the changes we might see in our lifetimes… What do the experts say is in store for us in the foreseeable future? Draw, write or design something that gives a window on the future that those ‘in the know’ would predict for our society…
45 mins: 15-20 mins research 25-30 mins designing
Authors of our own future: If there’s truth in the saying ‘you don’t know where you’re going until you look at where you’ve been’ then what do our faiths have to teach us? In groups, reflect on the lessons that you have learnt from the past as Christians and Muslims, both through what your Scriptures teach and how things have worked out through history. Consider the examples of your communities of faith today; what do they teach you about what life should be about and the influence you should have on the world around you? Use these thoughts to help you imagine a different future – what would that look like? Draw these ideas together and create an artistic expression of faith through the ages…
1 hour: 20-30 mins discussion 30-40 mins creating
15 mins
What a difference a day makes: Get the groups to share their ideas about the future – what they experts say and what they say. Draw together common themes, especially what the groups envisage for the future they imagined. As a whole group, share ideas for practical ways that they, as individuals, can start effecting change in their communities. If appropriate, draw up a ‘Manifesto for Change’.
1 hour: 25-30 mins feedback 30-35 mins concluding
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