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Session Outline: What’s it like to be you?

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Registration & refreshments
Prized possessions: Get everyone to bring something along to the session that reveals something about them. Lay the items out and get everyone in turn to pick an item that belongs to someone else. Give them three chances to guess who it belongs to. If they guess correctly they’ll get to ask that person about their item and ‘save’ their own item, if not, the owner of the item gets a turn to pick an item.
15 mins
20 questions: Get the young people, in their pairs, to ask one another 20 questions, either questions of their own choosing, or from a list provided (see leaders’ notes)
15 mins
Getting to know you: Get the pairs to link up with two other pairs (making groups of 6). In their groups, get them to share three things that only people who know them well would know about them. Compare what they say with what their friends or family actually said (see leaders’ notes). How many matches did they get?
30 mins
15 mins
What makes you ‘you’?: So we’ve looked at things that tell other people something about us, things that people we know would say about us and we’ve answered questions about ourselves, but surely there’s more to us than that… So much goes in to making each of us an individual, take some time now to think about what those things are… Give everyone a ‘body’ outline to fill in with different features that make them unique – physical features, emotions, values & beliefs, ideas, likes, dislikes, relationships, talents etc. Get them to write down things that relate to these different areas of their lives.
10-15 mins
Visible and invisible: How much do other people see of the things that make us ‘us’? We’re all complex individuals – people who’re shaped by a range of experiences, relationships and values, so different features of our characters will come out at different times, but what are the things that we want people to see in us? Are there things that remain ‘constant’ in all areas of our lives e.g. our faith? How do our experiences as Christians or Muslims shape us as individuals? In their groups, get the young people to share what they identified as significant & unique personal features then get them to discuss how their faith impacts their lives.
1 hour
Lunch break
1 hour
Encouraging you to be you: Sometimes being ‘you’ might not always the easiest thing. We all have things about ourselves that we’d like to improve or change and then there are the things about us that other people might like to change! Listen to people’s stories of how they discovered to accept themselves as they are, how God helped them grow as individuals and what they learned about themselves, about God and about His plan for them in the process.
1 hour
Rise to the challenge: A big part of what shapes people’s opinions of us are the things we say and do, or sometimes, what we don’t say or do! Think about the way your faith relates to different areas of your life… Are there attitudes, actions or issues that you want to develop; things that you care about but maybe don’t give enough time or energy to? Alternatively are there things that you do, say or think about that you’d rather leave behind? Give everyone a piece of paper. Get everyone to draw around their open hand on one side of the sheet and around it write down the things they want to ‘let go of’. On the other side, draw around your clenched hands – here, get them to write the things they want to ‘hold on to’.
15 mins
15 mins
Sharing the challenge: To finish the day, gather the young people into their individual groups and give each person a sheet of paper which they’re to write their name at the top of. They are to pass their pieces of paper around the group and, one after the other, everyone else is to write something that they’ve learned about that person, a positive characteristic that they recognise in him or her and something to encourage them with as they part. Once they’ve got their sheets back, read them out to one another.
1 hour
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