Session Outline: Women of Faith

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Registration & refreshments
Speed-dating: split the girls into two groups. Have the girls in one of the groups sit on one side of a table (if that’s practical with the space you have) and get each of the girls in the other group to sit opposite one of the girls in the first group. Each of the girls should be given a set of questions – the idea is to get them to find out a bit about one another in 2 minutes and then move on to meet the next girl (much like the concept of ‘speed-dating’!
Double date: Get the girls to stay in the pairs they end up in at the end of the speed-date – in their pairs, link them up with another pair for a ‘double date’. For this activity it’d be good to have a bit more space and some comfy seats, so that they can be comfortable as they spend a bit more time getting to know one another. Give each girl 2 mins to talk about herself (using the questions provided for the speed-date if needed) then, once everyone’s given a potted life-story, get each of the girls to ask one question of each of the others in their group.
15 mins
Show and tell: Rejoining their groups, get the girls to share a bit about what is important to them about their faith. For this activity, have the girls bring something small with them that they can show the other girls, that either encourages them in their faith or symbolises something that is important to them about what they believe (it could be a prayer card, an item of jewellery or clothing that they wear, an ornament etc).
Video-diary: ‘A day in the life of…’ – show the girls a video of two women going about their daily lives – one a Christian and one a Muslim. Give the girls something to write on so they can make notes about the things that stand out to them – whether it’s patterns that emerge, similarities or differences – get them to share in their groups what they noticed.
1 hour: 40 mins for the video 20 mins for feedback
Lunch break
Challenging faith: Looking back at what they shared in the morning, get the girls to talk in their groups about what has surprised them, encouraged them or challenged them about the things they’ve heard. Encourage them to consider the role that faith plays in every aspect of their lives – perhaps finding examples from the video clips they watched earlier.
30-40 mins
The Art of Faith: Get the girls, in their groups, to work on a piece of art that expresses something of their experience of faith, the challenges and joys, the personal and public aspects and perhaps incorporating representations of the items they brought with them. Encourage them to explore the idea of what unifies different faith groups in the UK.
1 hour - 1h15 mins
15 mins
Showing faith: Provide space for the girls to gather together with those of their own faith to share in an act of worship at the close of the day. If everyone is in agreement, allow the girls to spend a few minutes in small numbers (no more than 3 or 4 at a time for around 5 mins) observing one another’s time of worship/devotion.
1 hour - 1h30 mins
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